What Are You Protecting When You Have Your Guard Up In Kickboxing? (Solved)

How do you defend your body in a boxing fight?

  • • Protect your lower torso with your lower arm. • Keep a slight bend in your knees for better movement. • Tuck your chin into your shoulder and keep your eyes on your opponent. • When first trying out this guard, give it a go by leaning on the ropes and get a partner to fire in some punches.

What does a guard mean in fighting?

The guard is a ground grappling position in which one combatant has their back to the ground while attempting to control the other combatant using their legs.

What is the best boxing guard?

Considered to be the best guard against head damage, the cross-armed guard was used by boxing legend Archie Moore to set up devastating counter punches. He called it “the lock”, a defensive shell that has its origins in bare-knuckle boxing.

What is Spider guard?

The spider guard is an open guard in which you’re using both your arms and legs to control your opponent’s arms. To set it up, you begin by gripping each sleeve of your opponent’s gi jacket and placing the soles of your feet on their biceps, near the elbow crease.

What does keep your guard up mean?

Definition of have/keep one’s guard up: to be careful and alert He always has/keeps his guard up during negotiations.

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