How To Do Slip In Kickboxing? (Solution found)

What is slipping in boxing?

  • Slipping is an advanced defensive boxing technique that allows you avoid a punch without having to sacrifice an arm for defense. This allows you to counter-punch faster and from a deadlier angle while your opponent is still missing the punch.

What is a slip movement in boxing?

A slip is a head movement that doubles as an avoidance tactic to “slip punches.” When you move your head to one side of your shoulder to dodge a blow, you have essentially completed a boxing slip. When slipping is done correctly, you should be able to recover quickly and counter punch before your opponent recovers.

What is duck in boxing?

The Mechanics of Ducking Punches From the boxing stance, bend both legs at the knees, ensuring that you keep your back straight. The bending of the knees should almost be a ‘drop’ allowing the duck to happen at the required speed. Drop only enough for an oncoming punch to ‘graze’ the top of your head.

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