Who Almost Ended Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Career? (TOP 5 Tips)

While Mike Tyson’s exploits may have dominated the late ’80s, Leonard also dominated the boxing world for many. No doubt about it, Tyson would’ve destroyed Leonard.

Who ended Sugar Ray Leonard career?

Sugar Ray Leonard walked away from boxing for good in 1997 when, at the age of 40, Hector Camacho ended his ill-fated comeback by stopping him in five rounds.

Who has Sugar Ray Leonard lost to?

Leonard has a record of 7-3-1 (5 KOs) against former world champions: Won against Wilfred Benitez, Roberto Duran (twice), Ayub Kalule, Thomas Hearns, Marvin Hagler, and Donny Lalonde. Lost against Roberto Duran, Terry Norris, and Hector Camacho.

Who won the fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Floyd Mayweather?

FORMER Olympic gold medallist (Montreal 1976) and then unbeaten professional welterweight Sugar Ray Leonard stopped compatriot Floyd Mayweather Snr in the 10th and last round to register his 14th successive professional win on September 9, 1978 at Providence, Rhode Island’s Civic Center.

Who won the second fight between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard?

In the closing seconds of the eighth round, Durán turned his back to Leonard and quit, waving his glove and apparently saying to referee Octavio Meyran, “No más” (“No more” in Spanish). Leonard was the winner by a technical knockout (TKO) at 2:44 of round 8, regaining the WBC Welterweight Championship.

Who is the best boxer of all time?

The fans’ top 5 greatest boxers of all time

  1. Muhammad Ali. The Greatest was not only one of the best heavyweights of all time, he was also one of the most colorful.
  2. Sugar Ray Robinson.
  3. Rocky Marciano.
  4. Joe Louis.
  5. Mike Tyson.
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Who is Sugar Ray’s wife?

Both of these guys fought in various divisions of their Hall of Fame careers, of course. Leonard won. In Robinson’s lone fight as a light heavyweight, he weighed in just over 157 pounds to fight champ Joey Maxim, who was at 173, at Yankee Stadium in 1952.

Was Mayweather Sr a good boxer?

Floyd Mayweather Sr. was a pretty successful boxer before Floyd Mayweather Jr. was even in the picture of the boxing world. He had 35 professional bouts in his career, starting in 1974 with a win over Ron Pettigrew, according to BoxRec.

Is Floyd Mayweather better than Sugar Ray Robinson?

EXPERTS’ PICKS. Floyd Mayweather Jr. is great, but Sugar Ray Robinson is the greatest ever and would beat Mayweather if we could somehow make the fight happen. He could take a shot and he had power in both hands, while Mayweather isn’t a big puncher with either hand. He would easily match Mayweather skillwise.

How many times did Sugar Ray Leonard and Roberto Duran fought?

Think Ali and Frazier of the sepia-tinted heavyweight era or Gatti and Ward in more recent memories; trilogies are almost always spectacular. But perhaps no rivalry has ever been as fascinating or as controversial as the three fights shared between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard.

What fight did Roberto Duran say no mas?

Sugar Ray Leonard celebrates after defeating Roberto Duran in the famous ‘No Más” fight Nov. 25, 1980, in the Superdome.

Who won the fight between Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler?

Overall, Leonard landed 306 of his 629 thrown punches (49%) compared to Hagler’s 291 out of 792 (37%). Two judges had the fight close, seven rounds to five each way, with judge Lou Filippo scoring the fight 115–113 for Hagler, and judge Dave Moretti scoring the fight 115–113 for Leonard.

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