Where Is The Boxing Ring In Blackout? (Solved)

Boxing Gym Located in a small unnamed area of the map, players can find a mystery box that is located just East of the Fracking Tower, in a small riverside town.

Where are the zombies in blackout?

As expected, zombies will spawn inside the Asylum and a Mystery Box will appear on the second floor. Just a humble gym that’s infested with zombies. Clear them out and you’ll find the Mystery Box in the centre of the boxing ring. Zombies will spawn outside and will try to corner you inside the Tranzit Diner.

Where is the cemetery in blackout?

The Cemetery is a location almost adjacent to The Asylum. It is located about 100m to the south. This is a great starting location: you will rarely find any opponents here, and after collecting good weapons you can go on a hunt for players who are leaving The Asylum.

Who has the most kills in blackout?

Call of Duty pro Matthew ‘FormaL’ Piper is well-known for his dominant displays on Call of Duty: Blackout, but his stream on October 13 saw the former OpTic Gaming player obliterate an eliminations record.

Where is the diner in blackout?

Diner (Black Ops 2, TranZit) Known for its role in the Black Ops 2 Zombies mode, players can find the TranZit diner just West of the Array and just before the most Northern bridge to Nuketown Island.

How many kills is good in blackout?

An alternative, safer method of getting kills is to avoid the bulk of the action. Picking players off and trying to win should enable you to rack up at least 10 kills. Of course if you’re looking for a lot more than 10 kills then a more aggressive approach is needed.

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Who is the best player in Black Ops 4?

Despite being part of a stellar 100 Thieves roster, Octane has stood out as the indisputable best player on all of Black Ops 4. A wizard with an ICR, Octane led 100 Thieves to two major tournament victories over the course of Black Ops 4. The first of these majors, CWL London, saw Octane put up a 1.29 K/D overall.

Can you use the mystery box in blackout?

But be careful before you collect your loot, as zombies are wandering all around the area with the box. Yup, along with shambling around the map to protect a wooden box, zombies also carry around weapons, grenades, ammo, perks and armor.

How do you open the mystery box in zombies?

Each time you want to open the mystery box, it costs 950 Zombie Essence Tokens.

  1. Open the Green Door in the Yard.
  2. Blast the Rubble Blocking the Stairs.
  3. Burst Through the Bedroom Wall.
  4. Crash Site Mystery Box Location.

Does Black Ops 4 Zombies have a mystery box?

The Mystery Box once again returns to the Zombies mode of Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, and offers players a chance at obtaining any number of powerful weapons.

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