What Is White Boxing? (Best solution)

White boxing for us literally means placing out white boxes and placeholder items instead of final props and beautiful 3D art. The goal for this is to get the backbone of the whole game in place as quickly as possible, it’s almost like doing sketches before you paint a canvas.


  • White boxing is a real estate strategy that is used to help the buyer focus on certain attributes of a property. The objective of white boxing is for the buyer to really visualize their dream home. To make this possible, real estate agents hire a company to strip away furnishings and finishes in the interior of the home.

What is white boxing in Real Estate?

“White-boxing” is the exact opposite of staging a home to enhance its appeal. Instead of using furniture and accessories to sell the space, it presents a blank canvas, without the aesthetic choices in place, and allows the buyer to dream up layouts and floor design.

What is a white box house?

In essence, white-boxing is the total opposite of staging. Instead of strategically arranging furniture and accessories, the seller opens the door to a clean, empty home, allowing buyers to dream up their own layouts and see the house’s potential.

What is a white box condo?

A white box finish signifies a tenant space before (and excluding): flooring (except concrete floors), plumbing and fixtures (other than standard drinking fountains and restrooms), interior walls, paint and wall coverings, electrical fixtures (other than code-required electrical), furniture and any other tenant-

What is the boxing of a house?

Boxing refers to the combination of the soffit and fascia. Soffit- The underside of an architectural feature, as a beam, arch, ceiling, vault, or cornice. Fascia- Wooden board or other flat pieces of material such as that covering the ends of rafters.

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What does vanilla box mean?

Vanilla box is a term used to describe a space with a cement floor, ready-to-paint walls, working electrical outlets, lighting, plumbing, finished ceiling, heating, and air conditioning. What it doesn’t include is internal partitions.

What is white box status?

White box (also called a vanilla shell or warm shell), in commercial construction and real estate parlance, is a partially finished commercial space that a contractor delivers to the landlord or tenant. It refers to a commercial space’s condition before a tenant’s remodeling or finishes.

What is a cold dark shell?

A “cold dark shell” typically means the space lacks heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC), ceilings, interior wall finishes, and lighting. A “cold shell” is similar, but usually refers to a space with lighting.

What does Second Generation Space mean?

2nd generation space, or “2nd gen”, is a space that has been built out with ceilings, walls, millwork, plumbing, HVAC and more. The space has been completely finished out by the previous tenant, although typically you will want to renovate to customize to your specific needs.

What does white box in construction mean?

As a business owner looking for a new commercial space, you will hear the term “white box” or “vanilla box” frequently during the discussion of new construction. This term refers to a commercial building with an interior that is only partially finished.

What is the boxing on a roof?

Women Boxing on Roof | Etsy.

What is beaded soffit?

A beaded profile in the soffit or front porch ceiling has the classic charm of the American south. Beadboard vinyl soffits adds character and a subtle finishing touch that is unmatched by any other style.

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