What Does Hot Boxing Your Apartment Mean? (Correct answer)

Hotboxing, smoking marijuana or hashish in a small enclosed area, causing it to fill with smoke in order to maximize the effect. The Hot Box, a fictional nightclub from the musical Guys and Dolls.

What does it mean to hot box a room?

Hotboxing refers to a person or group of people smoking in an unventilated area. Usually, the drug of choice for hotboxing is marijuana. When people hotbox a car or any other closed-off area, the lack of ventilation intensifies the effects of marijuana.

What is the purpose of a hot box?

What is a Hot Box? A hot box is used to continue cooking food after the food has been partially cooked on a stove. This is done by insulating a container and placing the pot of food in the container to be sealed up.

What is a hot boxer?

1. the practice of smoking marijuana in a confined space such as a car or small room, in order to increase the effect.

What is a hot box for a woman?

The box, also known as a hot box or sweatbox, is a method of solitary confinement used in humid and arid regions as a method of punishment. Another variation of this punishment is known as sweating: the use of a heated room to punish or coerce a person into cooperating with the torturers.

Can you hotbox food?

There is nothing more satisfying than a hot meal! Now with hotbox, you can enjoy hot food anytime, anywhere with our innovative self heating food boxes. You can also call us at 7 -987- 1919, 0917-597-1199(globe) or 0998-254-6000(smart).

What is a hot box on a train?

A hot box is the term used when an axle bearing overheats on a piece of railway rolling stock. When the oil leaked or dried out, the bearings overheated, often starting a fire that could destroy the entire railroad car (and cars coupled to it) if not detected early enough.

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