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Is the warrior based on a true story?

The Fighter was a true story ; Warrior is entirely fictional. And where The Fighter was immersed in the familiar sweat and blood of boxing, Warrior’s arena is the newer one of mixed martial arts (MMA) — that punchy young sport currently elbow-striking its way into popular consciousness.

Why did Tommy go AWOL in Warrior?

Tommy’s unstoppable demons (he went AWOL after friendly fire that killed his best friend) and Brendan’s need to save his family from financial disaster lead the brothers to compete in the Sparta tournament, the Super Bowl of winner-take-all fights with a five-million-dollar jackpot.

Is the warrior movie on Netflix?

Sorry, Warrior is not available on American Netflix , but you can unlock it right now in the USA and start watching!

What happened to Tommy after warrior?

Now an Iraq-war veteran, Tommy wants to win the money in order to help out the family of his best friend, a soldier who died in battle. After years apart, Tommy turns to his now-sober father for coaching, and he quickly establishes himself as the fighter to beat.

Which warriors died in the movie?

In the original script for the movie, Cleon is killed by the Grammercy Riffs, Cochise is killed by the Baseball Furies , Ajax is caught by the police, Vermin is killed by the Lizzies, and Swan gets kidnapped by the Dingos. This leaves only four Warriors in the battle with the Punks.

Who is Koba in Warrior?

Kurt Angle

Is Koba from Warrior a real fighter?

Kurt Angle is a professional wrestler but he plays the ultimate MMA fighter in Warrior . Koba (Angle) is the reigning champion who enters a tournament that gives everyday fighters a chance.

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What is the song at the end of the movie Warrior?

The National – About Today

Why do the brothers in Warrior hate each other?

The two Conlon brothers have been estranged from their father since childhood, and Tommy, the younger brother , carries his issues of abandonment and resentment against his older brother Brendan and his father into the ring (and also unresolved emotions about deserting his army unit in Iraq and missing his mother’s

Does Australian Netflix have warrior?

Yes, Warrior is now available on Australian Netflix . It arrived for online streaming on May 18, 2019.

Who is streaming warrior?


What platform is Warrior on?


Is there a warrior sequel?

Maybe not enough fans to make a Warrior 2 a reality, but that’s not stopping O’Connor from considering a sequel . Below, read what O’Connor had to say about a Warrior sequel . Warrior is about estranged brothers Brendan (Joel Edgerton) and Tommy Conlon (Tom Hardy) competing in an MMA tournament.

What does the ending of Warrior Nun mean?

In Warrior Nun ending Mother Superion realises that all Father Vincent was feeding her theories that portrayed Duretti as the villain. Father Vincent had been working for Adriel all along. He was the one who misguided Ava and led her to the tomb so Adriel could have his halo back.

How did Warrior end?

At the end of Warrior , just after Brendan taps Tommy, he talks to his coach Frank (probably asking him to say something to his wife, Tess). Then it seems like he is talking to some agent of some kind, and Frank is seen talking to the referee (asking him to back off or something).

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