How To Throw Body Shots Boxing? (Question)

What is a body shot in boxing?

  • With body shots, you can throw the whole arsenal: jabs, straights, hooks, and uppercuts to the body. The secret is having enough confidence in yourself to throw body shots with conviction and make a conscious effort to consistently go to the body every chance you get.

Are body shots effective in boxing?

The body punch is one of the most effective weapons in boxing. Yet despite this fact, body punches are still largely underutilized. Many fighters often go head-hunting too much, when they should be focusing on digging to an opponent’s body. Every boxer should invest in body punching early, but not many do.

How do boxers take body punches?

If you’re taking a left hook, pivot your upper body counter-clockwise. If you’re taking a right hook, pivot your upper body clockwise. If you’re taking a punch straight on, you can quickly dip your head forward as your throw your hip back–this will look as if you’re temporary ducking down and sticking your butt out.

How can I make my body shots hurt less?

Learn to breathe in and out quickly and flex your abdominal muscles and core at the same time in one swift movement. The idea is to try to bounce the body shot off with a quick clenching of your abdominal muscles. This engages your “explosive shell” which can stop your opponent’s punch from penetrating into your body.

Will punching my abs strengthen them?

While an external hit to muscle won’t make it tighter or stronger (“if this worked, we’d punch our biceps and our leg muscles,” Holland says), contracting your abs just before a punch or kick hits the stomach can create stronger muscle fibers.

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Where should I aim to punch my liver?

The liver punch involves striking directly to liver, which is located on the right side of the body in the area around the ninth and tenth (floating) ribs. Typically this is executed with a slight upward angle. The effects are swift and brutal, resulting in immediate fatigue, sharp pain, and loss of breath.

What is a rabbit punch in boxing?

A rabbit punch is a blow to the back of the head or to the base of the skull. It is considered especially dangerous because it can damage the cervical vertebrae and subsequently the spinal cord, which may lead to serious and irreparable spinal cord injury.

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