How To Block Boxing?

What is blocking in boxing and how does it work?

  • Blocking is a basic defense that first teaches beginners. It involves the boxer moving his arms and torso subtly to intercept and to ‘block’ the stitches of the opposing party. And it takes little effort because the blockage is part of the boxer ‘s stance.

Is it easy to block a punch?

The most effective way to block this shot is to deflect it with your palm, thereby deflecting the punch above your other shoulder. Avoid the cross. Blocking in boxing isn’t just about using your gloves; you’ll also need to be comfortable defending with your shoulders as well.

Is a jab good in a street fight?

Things to consider as a Boxer in a street fight Use your jab as a tool to keep your distance. Because street fights often end on the ground, you must keep yourself away from the ground and it means you must be fast with your punches.

Can you really catch a punch?

Yes, you can “catch” a punch. But you can’t hold it. The proper form for catching a punch is to stuff it, by which I mean you want to stop its forward momentum before the arm is fully extended. This is much easier than blocking a punch at its strongest (full extension).

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