How Many Simultanoues Connections Were There On The Joe Weller Ksi Boxing Match? (Solution)

Who did KSI beat in a boxing match?

  • KSI V Joe Weller is the amateur boxing event between KSI and Joe Weller. The match took place at the Copper Box Arena in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on 3 February 2018. KSI won by 3rd round technical knockout. True Geordie and Laurence McKenna were the commentators for the fight.

How many people watched KSI vs Joe Weller?

KSI’s fight with fellow British YouTuber Joe Weller, who had also never previously boxed as an amateur or professional, on 3 February 2018 at the Copper Box Arena in London was a success, drawing 1.6 million live viewers, 21 million views within a day, and over 25 million views over the next several days, becoming the

How much did KSI make from the Weller fight?

According to Forbes, both KSI and Paul earned $900,000 each from the fight. KSI also points out that the fight earned more pay-per-view buyers than the majority of non-Mayweather HBO and Showtime fights.

How much money did KSI make from the boxing match 2?

Logan Paul and KSI will earn $900,000 guaranteed apiece on Saturday, according to the CSAC.

Is Joe Weller friends with sidemen?

Joseph “Joe” Martin Weller (born March 2, 1996 (1996-03-02) [age 25]) is a British YouTuber and friend of the Sidemen. He called his fan base “The Buxton Army”. He participated in the 2016 charity football match.

Who won Deji or Jake?

Jake took on British YouTuber Deji Olatunji, while Logan knuckled up agaisnt fellow infulencer KSI. After six rounds, the fight was ruled a majority draw. Two judges scored a 57-57 draw, while the other sided with KSI 58-57.

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Is Jake Paul and Logan Paul related?

29. Jake and his big brother Logan Paul are determined to make a name for themselves in the sport following a long and lucrative career as social media influencers.

Who trained KSI for Joe Weller?

The gamer has been coached by former English amateur boxing representative Viddal Riley – now 3-0 as a professional cruiserweight – since his win against Joe Weller last year.

How much is Jake Paul getting paid for the fight?

The Ohio State Athletic Commission released the official fight purses for the event, with Woodley and Paul both earning $2 million for the fight, which was won by Paul via split decision.

How much does Jake Paul weigh?

Jake Paul weighs an estimated 190 pounds and stands at 6 feet 1 inch. The star gets weighed periodically as he has been participating in boxing fights for the past three years.

How much did Floyd make vs Logan?

Floyd Mayweather has revealed how much he pocketed from his controversial “fake fight” with Logan Paul earlier this month: an eye-watering $100 million. The retired boxing legend, 44, was widely criticised over the eight-round exhibition bout with the 26-year-old YouTuber.

How much did KSI make from Bitcoin?

The rapper made £7 million in cryptocurrency but ‘lost it all’ in a subsequent crash.

Is Joe Weller depressed?

YouTuber Joe Weller Decides to Take a Break from YouTube in Emotional Video. He also openly admitted that his depression could be part of the problem as he broke down in tears in his announcement video. Previously, Weller has used his platform to talk to over 4m followers about his battle with mental health problems.

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Who won KSI or Logan?

KSI and Logan Paul’s fights were the start of celebrity boxing events that have gripped the sport. The British YouTuber eventually came out on top. Their first fight was a majority draw, but KSI defeated Logan Paul in the second bout via split decision.

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