Boxing movie with mark wahlberg

Is the fighter based on a true story?

The Fighter , a boxing movie based on the true story of welterweight champion Micky Ward, played by Mark Wahlberg, opens this weekend. In the movie, Christian Bale plays Dickie Ecklund, Ward’s brother and trainer, a former boxer himself turned high-energy crackhead.

Is the fighter on Netflix?

After a string of defeats, a boxer rediscovers his fighting will with help from his trainer and half-brother, a once-talented pugilist. The biopic earned Christian Bale an Oscar for Supporting Actor and Supporting Actress for Melissa Leo.

Who wrote the fighter movie?

Скотт Сильвер Пол Тэймеси Эрик Джонсон

What is the film The Fighter about?

Невероятная, но реальная история пути к званию чемпиона мира боксера Микки Уорда по кличке «Ирландец». Восхождение Уорда было похоже на восхождение легендарного Рокки. Парень из народа, между боями он трудился на дорожных работах.

Was Micky Ward a real boxer?

(born October 4, 1965), often known by his nickname of “Irish” Micky Ward , is an American former professional boxer who competed from 1985 to 2003. He challenged once for the IBF light welterweight title in 1997, and held the WBU light welterweight title in 2000.

Did Gatti die?

July 11, 2009

Where can you watch the fighter?

Watch The Fighter | Prime Video.

What streaming service has the fighter?


Where does the fighter take place?

The Fighter| 2010 Set and filmed in the city of Lowell , on the Merrimack River about 35 miles north of Boston in Massachusetts , where the real events of the story took place in the 90s, David O Russell’s family drama traces the dynamic between half-brothers Micky Ward (Mark Wahlberg) and Dicky Eklund (Christian Bale).

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What year is the fighter set in?

In Lowell, Massachusetts, in 1993 former boxer Dicky Eklund , who once fought Sugar Ray Leonard , believes the TV crew are filming his come-back. In fact it is a documentary on 40 year old Eklund’s descent into drug addiction.

Who won an Oscar for The Fighter?

Christian Bale

When did the fighter come out?


Was Micky Ward a good fighter?

The blue-collar fighter won his first 14 bouts before suffering his first setback to Edwin Curet (SD 10). From there Ward’s form became patchy and persistent hand injuries were a factor in a string of disappointing defeats. In 1991 he stepped away from the sport with a middling record of 21-7.

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