Boxing julian jackson

What happened to Boxer Julian Jackson?

Life after boxing After retiring from the sport, Jackson joined the ministry and still lives in his birthplace of St. Thomas, Virgin Islands. He has continued his involvement in the local boxing field as a trainer and coach, and his three sons, Julius Jackson , Julian Jackson Jr.

Who is the knockout king?

1: Rocky Marciano. Rocky Marciano is the best knockout puncher in boxing history. Many boxing experts try to discredit him and his record because he was a heavyweight during the 1950s, which is considered a weak era in heavyweight boxing. Despite the lack of competition, Marciano still knocked out some legendary boxers

Where is Julian Jackson from?

Сент-Томас, Американские Виргинские острова

How tall is Julian Jackson?

1.8 m

What weight class was Julian Jackson?

Middleweight Light middleweight

Who is the most brutal boxer of all time?

Mike Tyson

What boxer has most knockouts?

Top 10 boxers by most KOs Billy Bird (138) Archie Moore (132) Young Stribling (129) Sam Langford (128) Buck Smith (120) Kid Azteca (114) George Odwell (111) Sugar Ray Robinson , Alabama Kid (108)

Who has beaten the most world champions in boxing?

Floyd Mayweather

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